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Poetry #6: The Big Leap

Curse the day that leaps at me
For it makes me work for free

It may just be the earth’s quirk
But got to hate the boss’ smirk

One in four it may be
Why does it even bother me?

Isn’t this just another Monday?
Or is it special by some way?

Time alone doesn’t make something noteworthy
Unless it is really praiseworthy

Opportunity rarely knocks on the door
If all one is doing is rolling on the floor

So for what remains of the day
It’s carpe diem all the way

Bruised and battered I may be
But never the battlefield shall I flee

For it’s time to really dig deep
And nonchalantly take the big leap

Where ought this leap lead to in 2020?

P.S.: Also written as my first Sway

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