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Poetry #8: A Kickstarter Saga

There was once a new company
That was all about the money
Kickstarter raised the seed
Though it was all about the greed

There was always a prophecy
Which was about insolvency
Didn’t have an avenue
To even generate revenue

It promised a ton
Included everything under the sun
But the way the company was run
It was always meant to burn

But there is always some hope
Even if you give someone enough rope
Make a fool of the devil
And there will be much to revel

Spin up a fairy tale
With a company to sell
Or make it to the IPO
Where there’s more dough

But is was never meant to be
For the world could clearly foresee
The impending bankruptcy
That immaturity couldn’t flee

I haven’t crowdfunded anything yet, though I have followed certain projects out of curiosity that turned out to be successes. However, this one is dedicated to failure and inspired by the stories I read of Zano and Coolest.

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