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Musing #16: Steam sale time!

It’s that time of the year again when the wallets start begging for mercy. I am of course speaking of the Steam sale. The thing is that I look up to it in equal parts glee and horror. The latter, not because of the damage to the wallet but for the fact that my games collection now stands at 252 and I haven’t even completed 10% of it. It suffices to say that even launching all the games in my collection will be an achievement I shall never accomplish.

So then, I will be completing my 3rd year on Steam next month and I have somehow managed to maintain a clean sheet as far as my friend’s list is concerned. The problem is that not until a few months ago, there was no pricing in the native currency that made Steam purchases unlikely for the majority. Also, there wouldn’t be too many PC enthusiasts willing to drop a bomb on the GPU, though mine has served me well for over 3 years now at 1080p. In spite of this, I have always waited for the Steam sale with bated breath for there were always bargains to be had. Of course, paying in dollars meant a huge penalty because of which I was perennially restricted to games discounted to the $5-$10 range and that was no bad thing for it meant being able to pick up hits going only a year or two back, not to speak of the classics. A small proportion of my collection comes from region locked discs sold by online retailers, but I must admit a majority of my collection is made of Humble Bundles which happened to be my saving grace time and again in the past..

Now, with the Steam sale in native currency, even Humble Bundles with dollar pricing have become expensive, though no one can resist a good deal and the altruism that comes with it. Hence, this particular sale holds greater significance. For someone whose fertile gaming period coincided with the genesis of Hitman, Deus Ex, Thief franchises, you can imagine what games will be on my wishlist. Even so, one of those acclaimed indie titles is bound to find a way in and I have Firewatch on my list for now.

Inevitably, the sale will end in contemplation of the lifetime that is destined to be inadequate to ever enjoy it to the extent desired.

P.S.: Day 1 of the sale indeed turned out to be the highest single day purchase I have made to date. They are certainly well regarded titles, so I really hope I can at least start off with all of them within this year.

  • SOMA
  • Life is Strange
  • Black Mesa

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