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Sundry #6: A New Look

I can’t believe that it has been nearly six months since I started this website, even as I continue to address what I perceive to be a ghost audience. The intent always was to share ideas with the world as if it meant something and in that spirit I am ushering in a new look for the website.

As I started out, the underlying theme (literally) was to keep it simple. Ostensibly, a predominantly white background look helps put the emphasis on the writing (it works for books!). Unfortunately, the previous theme turned to be more attuned to posting photos resulting in needlessly large post previews.

On the positive side, I had to tinker with a lot of stuff to make the previous look more palatable and it enabled me to learn a lot over time. I have been able to carry across most of my custom changes to this new theme and hence it instantly feels a lot better.

For anyone interested in taking a peek at the old look, I have archived it for posterity using the Wayback machine. This way, a part of me should stay alive forever.

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