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Review #16: BlueRigger Angled 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable

There isn’t generally much to speak of a cable, is there? My purchase of this particular product was solely driven by the need for the fastest possible delivery under Amazon Prime. This one offered a free 2-day delivery or Rs. 50 next day delivery while the next best Amazon Prime product offered around 4 days delivery. Not wanting to receive the delivery after the weekend, I opted for this one since it is competitively priced.

Having said that, BlueRigger seems to be a well reviewed US brand, albeit pretty nascent (established in 2009). The product itself came in a sealed, but loose plastic bag which surprised me a bit but didn’t concern me at all for I guess the lack of retail packaging is one of the reasons for the low price. The construction inspires a lot of confidence, from the sheathing to the jack, so I expect it to last much longer than my previous Belkin cable which seems to have gone wonky after about 3 years.

I bought this to hook up my existing 2.1 system to the TV as the aforementioned erstwhile cable was driving the sub-woofer crazy and causing it to blare out ear piercing booms and hums. This cable rectified that problem and helped the music reach my ears, so what’s to complain? The 6-feet length is enough for home cabling without causing any distortion, though if you looking to only hook up your phone to your car stereo, this length would be too excessive. The angled connector at one end should prove pretty useful for tricky places, should you device be close to a wall. Also, nothing beats “free” lifetime warranty (provided the company outlasts me).

All in all, it looks good and works good, so it is a rather benign 4 out of 5 till apocalypse strikes.

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