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Review #21: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 7 Crystal Clear

Spigen has made a name for itself by the quality of its cases and this one is another exceptional Korean product. When I purchased the new Black variant of the iPhone 7, one of my priorities was to ensure its protection without ruining the looks. The Ultra Hybrid case fit the bill perfectly, though I must admit that it hurt a bit to have to pay Rs. 1099 for a case that sells for less than $11.

The case comes covered in thin film on both sides which you have to peel off. This ensures that there are no scratches on the case itself out of the box. However, the film was not attached to a tab which meant I had to put my fingernails to use in order to find a point from where I could begin peeling off the film. Also, instructions on the web state that the case should be left to aerate for about 5 minutes before application to avoid air bubbles and I paid heed to that advice without any issues.

The case itself ticks off all the right boxes by having an impeccable fit. It is reassuring to hear the phone snap in to the case at every corner. The cut-outs align perfectly with the port, grills, slider and the camera lens. The raised lip around the edges as well as the lens ensures that no part of the phone sits flush with the surface thereby reducing the chances of scratches.

The primary reasons, however, to purchase a case, especially for the iPhone are grip and fall protection. This case offers plenty of the former and is easy to use with a single hand. As for the latter, I don’t intend to test the ‘Air Cushion Technology’ intentionally but I trust it to offer some sort of shock absorption in case of a drop.

While the case certainly looks crystal clear right now, I have no clue about the long term prospects. It already has few micro scratches after a week of usage though it is only visible under close scrutiny. It is also a minor fingerprint magnet though that doesn’t matter at all since you can swipe it off easily. What’s really unknown is whether the case will end up yellowing after some time which is the bane of most clear cases. I sure hope not.

To sum it up, if you are on the lookup for a clear case for the iPhone 7, then this should be your default option.

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