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Review #38: AmazonBasics Micro USB cable (3 meters, 10 feet)

The long and short of it!

I will let the picture below do all the talking.

Just looking at it, you can determine that a cable this length is not practical for most purposes, especially for charging mobile phones. I can’t imagine why anyone would use their mobiles with the charger 10-feet away since portable chargers are capable of doing this job just fine with much better cable management.

Thus, in my case this was a purchase of necessity. My Dell Venue 11 Pro uses a Micro-USB charger whose 24W requirement exceeds what portable chargers are capable of. The Venue 11’s aging battery whose discharge time is now lesser than its charge time makes it imperative for me to be plugged in most of the time. By some evil design, all the charging sockets in my current place are placed at least 6-feet away from the couch of comfort that I ever so need while working. I had purchased an extension box to alleviate this situation but it turned out to be a tripping hazard and combined with its distaste for the US-pin Dell charger, I had to abandon it in quick time.

This 10-feet Micro USB is just what the doctor (engineer?) ordered. I can now use my Dell Venue 11 while directly plugged to the wall socket and traverse all across the couch with the cable neatly tucked around the corner. The primary concern is that the longer they are, the easier they fail. Hence, I am not too optimistic about the lifespan of this cable. But for the moment, it does as good a job of charging as a shorter cable would and eliminates another little absurdity in my life with its absurd length.

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