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Sundry #9: Memes for the win!

I just came across an article on How-To Geek which happens to be just a sponsored giveaway for WinX MediaTrans. I am not one to not avail of a free offer, especially when it doesn’t involve sharing any details and hence I went ahead with the download. It is a version specific giveaway without update support, so I am not sure how long I would have it installed but it is good to have nonetheless.

Not that I have an axe to grind against iTunes, but having an alternative that allows easy transfer of ringtones and other files is a big plus for me. However, it seems that is not the case with the creators of MediaTrans who are running an iTunes-mocking meme contest. In the spirit of the giveaway, I decided to create some of my own.

This happens to be the first time that I am creating a meme, not considering the awkward use of PowerPoint. Hence, it was a case of pick up and use whatever comes first. On the basis of Google search results and site accessibility, I flipped over to imgflip and decided to caption three of the images that caught my eye on the homepage. with the first pertinent thoughts that entered my mind.

Although I am absolutely indifferent to the contest, I hope that I captured the spirit of meme creation. Irrespective of everything else, these were 5 minutes well spent on a Saturday.
Update: Turns out I won!

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