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Sundry #10: Claiming AmazonBasics warranty

I have been an Amazon convert for quite some time now. It is true that Prime delivery can be flaky, but the customer service offered is unparalleled. There hasn’t been a single situation where I haven’t received the appropriate redressal, be it refund, replacement or compensation. Although it is a money-losing endeavour, offering Prime membership at ₹499/year along with Prime Video has definitely been a masterstroke and can be written off as marketing cost. The allegiance to Amazon has come at the expense of Flipkart, which certainly offered a similar level of service when it had money to burn but has fallen by the wayside as far as I am concerned, even though it might still have a higher GMV. Then, there is the review aspect, which appeals to me personally and is a great mess at Flipkart.

I speak of service as I recently decided to avail the 1-year warranty for an AmazonBasics product. The product involved is the 10-feet MicroUSB cable. To quote what I had mentioned in my review:

The primary concern is that the longer they are, the easier they fail.

Sure enough, it did. By fail, I mean that I can’t use it for the primary purpose of charging since its charging ability has diminished significantly. Charging times have increased by a factor of 5 and the problem is easily visible when using with the Raspberry Pi where the under-voltage icon is a constant presence. The moral of the story is to avoid purchasing cables any longer than necessary.

I continue to digress, so I shall finally arrive to the point. Most people don’t bother with the warranty of a product, especially cables since they are far too disposable. However, most AmazonBasics products come with a 1-year limited warranty and I decided to put it to the test. Claiming the same in India involves making contact with Cloudtail service using phone or email:

1800-419-0416 |

I chose the email route and had to send a photo of the product along with the invoice. However, don’t expect a response as rapid as the ones you get from Amazon Customer Service. In my case, I had to send a reminder a week later and sure enough it worked wonders. Within minutes, I was issue a gift certificate with the same value as the purchase price of the product. Now that’s what I call service, even for a basic product. It might have to do with the fact that the cable itself is no longer in stock, since all AmazonBasics products are direct Chinese imports. So, your experience may vary, but rest assured resolution is always around the corner.
Would it make sense to buy the same product again…I think not. If you are really inclined to 10-feet of convenience, then I would recommend the Anker PowerLine, even though it comes at a premium. Note that the recommendation isn’t based on my personal experience with the product, but rather with the brand. Till now, it has never failed to deliver.

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