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Musing #45: Creating a visual dashboard using Qlik Sense

Lately, I have been in to Qlik Sense and was looking to create a single page dashboard for publicly available information. The most logical place to head to was Kaggle and keeping in line with my previous post concerning US-India, I decided to go with the H1-B Visa Petition data set.

Although this data set contains over 3 million records ranging from 2011-2016, I decided to focus only on the past 2 years. This brought the size of the source file down to 206 MB from 469 MB and the number of records down to 1.27 million.

The proper way to experience the dashboard is to interact with it. Unfortunately, the ‘qvf’ file comes in at 28 MB, over the limit of 25 MB allowed on the basic version of Qlik Cloud. Hence, the only way to share the same was to upload the ‘qvf’ as well as the source ‘csv’ file to Google Drive. With these two files, you should be able to interact with the dashboard on an installation of Qlik Sense Desktop.

This was a rather odd way to spend a lazy Sunday evening, but it is always fun to venture and discover something new. The information density in this case is on the higher side, but I intended to fit everything in to a single sheet for illustration purposes. Feel free to play around with the dashboard and don’t hesitate to come back with further insights.

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