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Review #54: Credo Protective Case for Amazon Fire TV ★☆☆☆☆

If there is one thing I miss for, it is for the access to multitude of cases pertaining to all sorts of devices. Since its closure, Amazon is the only logical recourse left, especially for Amazon device accessories. This particular case pops up at the top of Google’s search results and hence became the natural choice as a cover for the Gen 3 Fire TV remote.

However, looks can never be more deceiving. The “case” turned out to be of particularly poor quality. It left black marks all over my moist palm on clenching due to the poor quality dyeing done over cheap quality rexine.

For some reason, the case is open on either ends when it makes more sense to have a single point of insertion, preferably at the top. As a result, the remote is exposed much more to the elements than it should be and while the fit is snug for now, it is bound to become loose and give way, sooner rather than later.

The most misleading aspect of the black and white product image is that it gives an illusion of a protective plastic covering over the buttons whereas in reality it is totally exposed and thus susceptible to all kinds of grime.

On the whole, the case offers very little in the form of protection and aesthetics for its price. One should buy this case for no reason other than desperation to have some form of cover for the Fire TV remote. While not optimal, a silicone cover is likely to be preferable, if nothing else, then for a better grip and cheaper price.

P.S.: Amazon initially refused to accept a return as it inexplicably classified this item under ‘Electronics’. It was only under “special dispensation” that my return was accepted. So, while illogical, one has to also keep an eye out when purchasing anything remotely related to electronics, least it turns out as awful as this one did.

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