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Tutorial #21: Soft Tip Dart Assembly (Geologic)

How often does it happen that you trundle in to a shop out of boredom and end up making an impulse purchase just because it is the most exciting thing at that moment? This was the case with me at Decathlon earlier this week and the video above is evidence of that.

I can only vaguely recollect throwing darts at some point in my life, only to leave the wrong kind of impression, practically as well as figuratively. Taking cognizance of that experience, I went with the soft tip variant and laziness ensured I left the score-keeping to the machine.

Having never assembled a dart before, the natural recourse was to take to YouTube, only for it to not have a video specific to this purpose. Thus, I bring to you an assembly masterpiece like no other. Normally, any such video would be a precursor to a review, but in this case it is better to not feign knowledge and be off the mark.

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