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Musing #63: McWatchFace II for Gear Fit2/Pro

Update #3 (April 1, 2019): As per user request, I published v1.1.0 of McWatchFace II as a digital-only watch face besides tweaking some of the colours. It is presently available at a 40% discount as part of the spring sale.

Update #2 (January 13, 2019): Turns out it is hard to make people pay even if (or because) they like the free product. So this time, it is a 50% drop until the end of Jan. It might just help someone to keep up with their new year’s resolution (Nah!).

Update #1 (December 15, 2018): Hear Ye! The watch face is on 25% discount starting from tomorrow and lasting till the fifth day of the new year. Wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and 2019.

I had created and released the original McWatchFace just days after purchasing the Gear Fit2 Pro as I couldn’t find a watch face that contained what I was looking for. Thus, it would be an understatement to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to it since its release on the Galaxy Apps Store.

The original watch face, in its two forms, has clocked an average download of 100 per day to rack up a total of over 15000 downloads in less than 6 months. I have no idea of the number of Gear Fit2/Pro users who actively download watch faces, but I find this to be beyond expectataions.

While I haven’t released anything new for months, I have been tweaking the design in the background all this time with the aim of pushing the information envelope even further. The result thus, is the McWatchFace II. The changes are pretty much evident at first glance, but the following image sums it up pretty well.

Since these incremental but time-consuming changes were made over many weekends, stealing time from other activities, I decided to put it up as a paid watch face while still retaining the original one for free. It is also an experiment to see whether a paid market for watch faces really exists or people are just content with what they get for free. This decision, unfortunately, makes the watch face unavailable on the iOS app since Samsung has not implemented any means of purchasing watch faces on iOS.

If you happen to purchase this watch face and have feedback to share, then feel free to drop a comment. For others, the watch face can be seen in action in the following video and perhaps it would tempt you to give it a whirl.

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