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Poetry #15: Ashes and ember

The flames that shine the brightest May not last the longest But the radiance is seldom forgotten By all those who are beholden   You touched the lives of many In every nook and cranny With the smile of a thousand suns […]

Poetry #14: All that’s a year

What’s the first thing you do on the last morning of a year? Feel melancholic of course, and express it thus.All that’s old not goldAll that’s new not beauYet the baton passes forthMay it be in drear or mirth All that’s left […]

Poetry #12: Crypto-

Oh! Crypto- you are no longer concealed Paired with currency, you are not what it seems I was never in it for the ride or the pride Didn’t ever have an iota to hide So, is there a use for you I […]

Poetry #11: Unbridled sadness

Sadness pours through the eyes Staring in to the deep void The moment shall not freezeth over For comes the piercing light What ought to heal the plight of all Brings misery to the haunted soul Knowing what’s to be known Is respite not […]

Poetry #10: Long road to change

Waking up on your morning bed As if you are full of dreadWhy don’t you lift up your head? Knowing what you already know is the sameIt can never be your claim to fameUnless you have a wild beast to tame Pacing […]

Poetry #9: Face in the crowd

Born to be like no one elseSet to float on one’s own sails Early days and success aboundA new king’s just been crowned Wider than ever the net was castAnd then the cracks showed at last Adoration no longer came thick and […]

Poetry #8: A Kickstarter Saga

There was once a new companyThat was all about the moneyKickstarter raised the seedThough it was all about the greed There was always a prophecyWhich was about insolvencyDidn’t have an avenueTo even generate revenue It promised a tonIncluded everything under the sunBut […]

Poetry #7: Fool’s Paradise

April’s on its wayBringing with it the Fools’ dayThat’s when jesters make hayBy leading you astrayThere’s the Cardboard PlasticThat sounds absolutely fantasticSmart replies and photo searches by emojiNow that’s what the world needs trulyPegman’s going all funky and groovyAs we sign the […]