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Review #69: XREAL Air “AR” Glasses ★★☆☆☆

High on promise, low on execution Introduction First things first, I consider augmented reality (AR) to be something that overlays computer generated content on top of the user’s environment in real time, thereby augmenting it. The XREAL Air does nothing like that […]

Review #62: Anne Pro II ★★★★✬

This is my first instance of writing a review of a product while using it to write the review. Having said so, this is the best experience I have had yet of the process of typing it out. Considering that I have […]

Review #61: Samsung Galaxy A50 (May 2019)

Being an early adopter of devices is a huge risk because you don’t often know what you are getting into. In some cases, it is less of a risk because the company has a good track record and the device is a […]

Review #60: Logitech MX Anywhere 2S ★★★★☆

Prologue: For a lot of people, a mouse is what you need to simply move the cursor on the screen, everything else being inconsequential. For numerous years, I subscribed to the same school of thought and economised my mice expenses. Such a […]