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Poetry #12: Crypto-

Oh! Crypto- you are no longer concealed Paired with currency, you are not what it seems I was never in it for the ride or the pride Didn’t ever have an iota to hide So, is there a use for you I […]

Musing #37: Revisiting the Bitcoin Frenzy

I always thought that I was a bit late to the uptake of Bitcoins when I made my first purchase in 2015, having read about it for a long time as a technology enthusiast. However, I never imagined that the real frenzy […]

Review #32: The Digital Money Game

I will admit that my interest in the book was piqued by the recent demonetization exercise. For most of us, digital money extends to any non-cash means of payment. Thus, in India, digital wallets like PayTM, Mobikwik and Freecharge are synonymous with […]