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Review #42: Philips AZ-1852/98 Soudmachine

For someone born in the 80s, the nostalgia of using a cassette player once again is far too strong, especially if you have a collection collecting dust in a cabinet. In case it’s not clear already, then the only reason I bought […]

Musing #37: Revisiting the Bitcoin Frenzy

I always thought that I was a bit late to the uptake of Bitcoins when I made my first purchase in 2015, having read about it for a long time as a technology enthusiast. However, I never imagined that the real frenzy […]

Musing #32: Milk Online (Sarda Farms)

Ordering milk online directly from the farm isn’t as preposterous now as it would have been half a decade back. With the digital revolution having superseded the white revolution, it was simply a matter of time. When I received a pamphlet from […]