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Musing #47: Shipping from AliExpress to India

AliExpress has always been a go-to marketplace for low-value, utilitarian items. However, since time immemorial, there have been two primary concerns about AliExpress – quality and delivery. Many years ago, I remember the sellers being abusive and you didn’t always get what […]

Musing #38: The case of the mismatching VP count

While the US President has managed to hog all the limelight just about everyday in office, the Indian President was ushered in a more laid-back affair in the past month which is just as well considering the fact that is largely a […]

Musing #32: Milk Online (Sarda Farms)

Ordering milk online directly from the farm isn’t as preposterous now as it would have been half a decade back. With the digital revolution having superseded the white revolution, it was simply a matter of time. When I received a pamphlet from […]

Musing #17: Universal basic income

On the face of it, who wouldn’t like free money? However, as the recent referendum in Switzerland has shown, if nothing else, people are skeptical of this concept for the time being for the additional expense it will entail. But a concept […]