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Musing #39: Reflecting on Marx, Nietzsche and Freud

I presume it wouldn’t have occurred to me to mention these personalities in the same sentence, were it not for the 3-part ‘Genius of the Modern World’ series. Having not read the works of these authors, I never had the opportunity to […]

Musing #37: Revisiting the Bitcoin Frenzy

I always thought that I was a bit late to the uptake of Bitcoins when I made my first purchase in 2015, having read about it for a long time as a technology enthusiast. However, I never imagined that the real frenzy […]

Musing #36: The Next Big Thing

I just started reading ‘The One Device’ the other day and have made it past the first couple of chapters wherein the book briefly touches over Apple’s transition to innovation after its lost years. Of course, this is not the first time […]

Musing #35: An investor’s dilemma

Time is an ethereal dimension. Here on earth, it is imperceptible and yet so vital. None so heed it as the sanguine investor. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be optimistic about the current state of markets, which is at […]

Poetry #11: Unbridled sadness

Sadness pours through the eyes Staring in to the deep void The moment shall not freezeth over For comes the piercing light What ought to heal the plight of all Brings misery to the haunted soul Knowing what’s to be known Is respite not […]

Musing #30: 101

Milestones are an important cornerstone of any human endeavour, though it seems to be best valued in competitive landscapes involving sports. I wouldn’t consider blogging in the same ballpark but a numerical milestone needs to be acknowledged nonetheless. I am of course […]

Poetry #10: Long road to change

Waking up on your morning bed As if you are full of dreadWhy don’t you lift up your head? Knowing what you already know is the sameIt can never be your claim to fameUnless you have a wild beast to tame Pacing […]

Musing #18: Memory and Nostalgia

As someone raised through the 90s with Walkmans, Mix Tapes, 8 & 16-bit consoles, VHS tapes and the rise of the WWW; the nostalgia is always far too strong. It provides welcome relief when the mind decides to stray from the humdrum […]

Review #20: Life is Strange

There are always some highly rated games that you are ignorant about but have to compulsively purchase on a Steam sale. For me, Life is Strange was one of them in this year’s summer sale. I had already picked up Episode 1 […]