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Musing #75: Analysing the Valencia Formula E debacle

  Some may call it exciting and others farcical. For a fledging series, Formula E certainly attracted the wrong kind of attention with the slipshod finish yesterday resulting in only 9 drivers being classified at the end. While it is easy to […]

Musing #25: F1 2017 Preview

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I had last contemplated the state of Formula 1. Much has changed since then, at least as far as ownership is concerned. Unfortunately, it seems Bernie’s legacy will live on for some time, at […]

Musing #22: F1 2016 (prior to season finale) in graphs

My opinion of Formula 1’s 2016 season remains pretty much the same 9 months later and has in fact been reinforced by the on-track action. 2016 has again been a two-horse race or rather “two jockeys on one horse” race as the […]