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Poetry #14: All that’s a year

What’s the first thing you do on the last morning of a year? Feel melancholic of course, and express it thus.All that’s old not goldAll that’s new not beauYet the baton passes forthMay it be in drear or mirth All that’s left […]

Review #49: Masters of Doom ★★★☆☆

It is not all doom and gloom! This was a strange choice of book to begin a new year with but it is one of those things that pique your interest and you follow through with it. Stranger still is the fact […]

Musing #39: Reflecting on Marx, Nietzsche and Freud

I presume it wouldn’t have occurred to me to mention these personalities in the same sentence, were it not for the 3-part ‘Genius of the Modern World’ series. Having not read the works of these authors, I never had the opportunity to […]

Review #43: The One Device

As a technology enthusiast, there was no escaping this book. I refer to technology rather than a company because I have never been an ardent Apple or Google fan, having only recently switched from Android to iOS. At the same, it wasn’t […]

Musing #36: The Next Big Thing

I just started reading ‘The One Device’ the other day and have made it past the first couple of chapters wherein the book briefly touches over Apple’s transition to innovation after its lost years. Of course, this is not the first time […]

Review #35: Steve Jobs (Biography)

There are some people you look up to but don’t exactly idolize when growing up and for me Steve Jobs was one of them. Growing up with stories on the Silicon Valley meant it was hard to escape Steve Jobs and his […]

Musing #4: Feedback to the TOI

Your article ‘Man dies while trying to board train…’ immediately brought into recollection an eerily similar experience of mine which thankfully didn’t end in tragedy. Being a Mumbaikar for life, I have always had a fascination for trains and considered the Western […]

Review #5: Kindle Paperwhite (Previous Generation)

Kindle thy love for books! I had been eyeing the Kindle for a couple of months prior to my recent purchase, but was holding out for the announcement of the 2014 models. The ‘Voyage’ essentially sealed it for me in favour of […]