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Tutorial #21: Soft Tip Dart Assembly (Geologic)

How often does it happen that you trundle in to a shop out of boredom and end up making an impulse purchase just because it is the most exciting thing at that moment? This was the case with me at Decathlon earlier this week […]

Musing #29: StarCraft discovered

Blizzard caught everyone by surprise earlier this week with the free (as in beer) release of the original StarCraft along with its Brood War expansion. Although it last received an update within the past decade, a 2-decade old game is always treading […]

Musing #14: Euro Mania

It is really odd for someone to be excited about the Euro football tournament without having any association whatsoever with the continent. Perhaps, it is odder still for one who doesn’t watch the various football leagues (though I admit that following the […]

Musing #8: The state of Formula 1

The 2016 season of F1 is officially under way with its first test day and it would be atypical of me to not have an opinion on something that I have been following for well over 2 decades now. It is always […]