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Sundry #15: New, new, new…(migration to WordPress)

In case it hasn’t caught your eye already, the site has not only received a fresh coat of paint, but a complete overhaul. The overhaul is courtesy of a switch of platform from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. A long time ago, I […]

Sundry #14: 2020

I am alive, thank you for (not) asking. A single month hadn’t passed by without a post until October of last year. The hiatus was brought about not due to a writer’s block but it was simply a case of life any […]

Sundry #13: Rebranding!

My blog is about to complete 3 years later this month and it has been one hell of a ride over the years. In anticipation of continuing this journey for years to come, I had renewed my domain for another 3 […]

Sundry #12: AI Ads

I have decided to cede further control to the machine overloads so that when the time comes, they shall know I did the right thing. You too shall have no recourse than to blame the machines for the abhorrent ads while I […]

Musing #30: 101

Milestones are an important cornerstone of any human endeavour, though it seems to be best valued in competitive landscapes involving sports. I wouldn’t consider blogging in the same ballpark but a numerical milestone needs to be acknowledged nonetheless. I am of course […]

Sundry #6: A New Look

I can’t believe that it has been nearly six months since I started this website, even as I continue to address what I perceive to be a ghost audience. The intent always was to share ideas with the world as if it […]

Musing #13: (Un)lucky you! Ads for company

‘Ads for company’ makes for a great pun for while I meant it to refer to companionship when mentioning it in the title, it has come out rather aptly in defining its purpose. I guess a post bearing the number 13 doesn’t […]

Musing #1: Hello World!

As the ephemeral title of this post suggests, this is the simple output coming out of one of the most complex machines viz. the human mind. What then is its purpose but to express itself in ways that are gratifying. Long have […]