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Musing #13: (Un)lucky you! Ads for company

‘Ads for company’ makes for a great pun for while I meant it to refer to companionship when mentioning it in the title, it has come out rather aptly in defining its purpose. I guess a post bearing the number 13 doesn’t deserve any better either (should have posted on Friday the 13th instead of the 31st of May for that added chutzpah). In case you are still wondering, I enabled ads earlier in the day because it is hip to think that someone will actually click on it and my ears will go ka-ching!

Right now, it is enabled in the side bar, so it takes precedence over my incognito introduction on the home page. It is quite an irony that it won’t impact me a bit for I have an ad-blocker enabled and so might not even enjoy the best part of my blog. Perhaps, I ought to encourage you to use an ad-blocker as well for it doesn’t hurt me a bit. Co-incidentally, I was listening to the ad-blocker podcast on TechStuff earlier in the day and you can guess where I stand on that for I shall never use an ad-blocker blocker.

So, I think that was the first blog related update I have ever made. It feels kind of odd to place it under the ‘Thoughts’ header but I really did think it through.

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