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Review #27: Transcend MTS600 M.2 SSD (256 GB)

I had simply alluded to the Transcend MTS600 in my previous post on the M.2 SSD enclosure but this time the spotlight is firmly on it. The fact is that when I set about to update the SSD in my Dell Venue […]

Review #25: Black Mirror (Season 3)

Few shows manage to shock and awe you the moment you start watching and that was the case a few years back when I started with Black Mirror. Being technologically inclined, I found this show to be quite fascinating even as it […]

Review #24: Making a Murderer

I have always been a whodunit nut, having read through all Sherlock, Poirot and Tintin stories in school itself. I even watched the eponymous TV shows to relive the stories. Other than the well established characters, I found many more along the […]

Musing #22: F1 2016 (prior to season finale) in graphs

My opinion of Formula 1’s 2016 season remains pretty much the same 9 months later and has in fact been reinforced by the on-track action. 2016 has again been a two-horse race or rather “two jockeys on one horse” race as the […]

Musing #21: Going cashless

I have never been one for blind jingoism but wholeheartedly support the demonetization move, at least in its intent even though the execution seems to be lacking. While the move has certainly flushed a modicum of black money out of the system, […]

Sundry #7: Superzoom on the Supermoon

It isn’t exactly today’s supermoon because although I caught a glimpse of it, I didn’t record it. In fact, I thoroughly despise the term, probably to the same extent as Neil deGrasse Tyson. To bring home the point, I have instead posted this image from […]

Review #23: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

I didn’t imagine that it would be this long since the preview till I came up with the review, but such are the vagaries of life. Having said that, Steam puts the play time for my first playthrough at a little over […]