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Musing #68: Making the most of Audible trial

Listening to a book doesn’t quite have the same panache as reading one, but sometimes it is the only option. While I am an avid fan of podcasts on long commutes, sometimes audio books can fill the void quite well. However, in […]

Review #55: Lethal White ★★★☆☆

Having grown up reading the classic whodunits, I can never restrain myself from a good mystery. Ironically, this also means that until now I had never followed a series as it was being written. This accolade falls to the “Cormoron Strike” series, […]

Review #49: Masters of Doom ★★★☆☆

It is not all doom and gloom! This was a strange choice of book to begin a new year with but it is one of those things that pique your interest and you follow through with it. Stranger still is the fact […]

Review #43: The One Device

As a technology enthusiast, there was no escaping this book. I refer to technology rather than a company because I have never been an ardent Apple or Google fan, having only recently switched from Android to iOS. At the same, it wasn’t […]

Musing #36: The Next Big Thing

I just started reading ‘The One Device’ the other day and have made it past the first couple of chapters wherein the book briefly touches over Apple’s transition to innovation after its lost years. Of course, this is not the first time […]

Review #41: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Not so much of an art as common senseThis one is straight off the Amazon best sellers list. Otherwise, I can’t imagine searching for the book by its name. In fact, even Amazon search can’t deal with the asterisk censorship and so […]

Review #40: Reasons to stay alive

My interest is seldom piqued by messages shared on social media. Hence, it was a rare occurrence for me to have picked up this book on Kindle minutes after reading an excerpt shared by a friend. I can often be accused of […]

Review #35: Steve Jobs (Biography)

There are some people you look up to but don’t exactly idolize when growing up and for me Steve Jobs was one of them. Growing up with stories on the Silicon Valley meant it was hard to escape Steve Jobs and his […]

Review #32: The Digital Money Game

I will admit that my interest in the book was piqued by the recent demonetization exercise. For most of us, digital money extends to any non-cash means of payment. Thus, in India, digital wallets like PayTM, Mobikwik and Freecharge are synonymous with […]