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Musing #74: Designing Fossil Hybrid HR Watch Faces

   Time pieces move on with time and the Fossil Hybrid HR happens to be the latest one occupying my wrist. I always have the urge to customize whatever I can get hold of and the McWatchFace was the first in this […]

Musing #63: McWatchFace II for Gear Fit2/Pro

Update #3 (April 1, 2019): As per user request, I published v1.1.0 of McWatchFace II as a digital-only watch face besides tweaking some of the colours. It is presently available at a 40% discount as part of the spring sale. Update #2 […]

Musing #56: My First Smartwatch Face (McWatchFace)

The watch face has registered an average of 100 downloads a day since it was published, despite the fact that I have not publicised it anywhere else. It is simply through discovery on the Galaxy App Store and I am humbled by […]

Sundry #11: Name Me!

I always find it worthwhile to enrol for contests that don’t take more than 10 minutes to complete an entry. Sometimes, I end up winning which makes it a bit more worth my time. A while back I happened to turn in […]

Sundry #3: Logo

There comes a time when you are left with nothing but a notepad and pen, ensuring that the twain shall meet. This is the output of once such instance. Doodling can certainly be a great saviour of life-threatening situations borne out of […]